The experience and the thrill of discovering the bones of a long extinct animal-possibly the first such bones ever found!!!

...Experience hands-on preparation of  fragile fossil specimens for museum exhibits and collections..

...Recent projects include the Columbian Mammoth(Gilbert), Rhynchotherium, Glyptotherium, other  mammals, invertebrates and much more.

...All you need is interest-not a degree!

It’s  a GREAT PLACE to meet "OLD” friends!

Come Enjoy….

SPS volunteers working in the laboratory .


 Learn more about dinosaurs, prehistoric animals and other fossils.

Southwest Paleontological Society

Dilophosaurs roamed what is now northeastern Arizona in the early Jurassic, 200 million years ago.



                 Southwest Paleontological Society (SPS) is a volunteer organization affiliated with the Arizona Museum of Natural History. The purpose of SPS is to further the study of  paleontology and geology of the southwestern United States, with emphasis on the state of Arizona. SPS strives to maintain the highest standards of conduct and proficiency in all its activities, whether in the field or in the laboratory.


                 Informative meetings, often featuring recognized authorities in their field,  along with hands-on field and lab programs are provided.   SPS members and  their families have a rare opportunity to have a lot of fun, while contributing to scientific research and enhancing their knowledge about the Earth’s history for the last 4.5 billion years.